Non-Denominational or Non-Religious,Spiritual or Secular Weddings and
       Civil or Commitment Ceremonies

Many brides and grooms nowadays come from different upbringings and religious backgrounds.  In this day and age there are numerous religions, non-denominational churches, and various spiritual groups.  Sometimes one or both young people in the couple are not a part of any religion or church, but feel the need to address God or simply a “higher being” during their wedding ceremony. 

However, many churches and their spiritual leaders are hesitant to join young people from different backgrounds in matrimony.  Often it is required that one person in the couple converts to the other’s religion.  This requirement brings more stress into the already stressful process of organizing a wedding and deciding on all the details of that special day for the bride and groom.

Religion was not in the couple’s way to experience true love and decide to join each other in marriage.  Reverend Cliff Housego in his spiritual beliefs does not feel the necessity for a conversion from one religion to another, just to be able to marry the love of your life.  If one has spirituality, believes in marriage, is willing to take the vows with their beloved and to live together, Reverend Housego is happy for the couple and would like to provide his services.

Having worked in the wedding industry for over 25 years, Cliff feels happy to add a different service - a different type of spirituality - to a wedding ceremony.  Whether the two young people who decide to get married desire a non-denominational ceremony, a ceremony that has elements of both their religions traditions, is a secular or non-religious at all – Reverend Cliff has the power given to him by the State of California to perform a desired ceremony, and join the two people in marriage.

Cliff enjoys many activities and is very active in the community. He runs LA and Long Beach Marathons. As a LA Marathon Legacy runner he just completed his 29th LA Marathon and 50th Marathon overall!  Cliff also organizes runs dedicated to community causes.

Please call Reverend Cliff Housego: 805-358-9656, or email cliffhousego@gmail.com.




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