Non-Denominational or Non-Religious, Spiritual or Secular Weddings and
       Civil or Commitment Ceremonies

Reverend Cliff Housego has performed over 1000 Celebrations of Love, be it traditional Weddings, Civil Union Ceremonies or Non-Traditional and Non-Denominational Ceremonies.

However, many churches and their spiritual leaders are hesitant to join young people from different backgrounds in matrimony.  Often it is required that one person in the couple converts to the other’s religion.  This requirement brings more stress into the already stressful process of organizing a wedding and deciding on all the details of that special day for the bride and groom.

If religios differences were not in the couple’s way to experience true love and decide to join each other in marriage, then Reverend Cliff Housego in his spiritual beliefs would support the couple's decision.  Rev. Cliff does not feel the necessity for a conversion from one religion to another, just to be able to marry the love of your life.  If one has spirituality, believes in marriage, is willing to take the vows with their beloved and to live together, Reverend Housego is happy for the couple and would like to provide his services. 

Services are provided in Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara areas, and other nearby vicinities.

Please call Reverend Housego:

805-358-9656, or email

Your ceremony will be personalized to reflect your interests, desires, and dreams. Whether you desire something simple or extravagant, spiritual or secular, traditional or modern, Cliff will meet and share ideas so that your day will be truly memorable.



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